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Hi! You might be confused as to why you found this page, even if you think it was on purpose. Let me try to clarify things…

My name is Ania and I’m a singer-songwriter from Toronto. I have a  website and a blog and you’re most welcome to check them out. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook…or just Google my name and see what comes up.

So why this page? Well…I’m working on a new website which will hopefully launch in late 2012, and I’m trying out new things in the process. This is the “news” section of my website.

Hopefully we’ll run into each other again but by then this page might not exist. So maybe we can just enjoy this moment of serendipity…you’re here and I was here…and if time was to do that whole folding onto itself thing, we’d be here together. Just think about that for a while or have a listen to this.

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