I missed you

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I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind few months and even moreso a life changing few days. I’m battling some serious demons within me right now and, in the proper tone of springtime, trying to deal with the coming changes. I’ve been frustrated with the state of the music industry, and I can’t turn a blind eye since I truly live it every day. My last few shows in the fall ended in less than pleasant ways, leaving me fuming and thoroughly disenchanted with wanting to play live. I haven’t written a song in probably half a year and felt like music was slowly becoming something of my past. Enter Harrison Fine, playing on my innate need to help, he asked me to write a few songs together. It wasn’t completely an easy task, ripping apart someone’s deeply loved words, but we worked together and together we created something beautiful. I finally heard a recorded version of the final edit and I’m so proud of this song, and also proud of the others that follow, even though my involvement in them was much less prominent. I was there to watch him grow into an even better songwriter, and I’m in awe at what’s to come. I’m only part writer behind a song or three on this new project, so you won’t be seeing me in the spotlight, but I guarantee you will hear much more about it from me as soon as it’s more public.

Now here I stand, not really much further than I was six months ago, not entirely sure what my next “Ania” song will be, but knowing fully that I want to get back to it. I don’t know if a career in music if viable and I think maybe letting go of the need to make money from this will open new doors. Not every passion has to be a life long career. Music is in my blood, I got that from my granddad – though I wish I had inherited his talent to play any song by ear! Fittingly my next show is on April 17th at the Free Times Cafe – what would have been his birthday…and anniversary of his death (I know, freaky). I’m ready to try again, a little scared and still not sure if I’m truly cut out for this world of music…but I do know that I really missed it and missed you!

Credit: Photos By Shannon

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Such sweetness melts my heart

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I recently received an order via Bandcamp for two of my fan packs. I knew they were a gift, but I didn’t know too much about the recipients. Shortly after I sent out the personally autographed pack, I received an email from the lovely gentleman who had purchased the gifts. He attached photos. My heart melted when I saw Kyra  and Kiran with my CDs and posters, so precious. They were thrilled to receive the gifts and stayed up past their bed time enjoying the music. If anyone wonders why I do this, here is one sure reason! Thanks for being my newest fans Kyra and Kiran, I hope we stay in touch 🙂Kyra and Kiran


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ReBlog: How Yoga Can Boost Your Creative Potential

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“Breathe and all will be revealed; love and all will be healed. This is yoga.” ~ Seane Corn
It took years for me to find the courage to become a contributing writer. See, I didn’t want to just write. I wanted to offer my words in a way that encouraged thought-provoking insights and left readers feeling satisfied and inspired. I’m a girl who typically has a lot to say and one who carries a zest for childlike imagination; yet I spent years staring at a blank screen. I anxiously yearned for the right kind inspiration to “zing” me, but I always came up empty. I found this lack of creative space deeply frustrating.
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Gratitude Blog No. 30

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I am grateful…

…to be home

…for the amazing audience at tonight’s show at C’est What

…to have shared the stage the lovely Stacey Kaniuk and Harrison Fine

…to not have lost my voice and have played a wicked fun set

….that this is my last gratitude blog…not gonna lie, some days haven’t been easy

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Like I said above, this hasn’t been an easy task…some days were much harder than others. I really didn’t want to repeat the same things every day either, even though I am grateful for many things I have each day. Regardless, this was a nice exercise; it made me appreciate the little things in each day. I hope you enjoyed reading some of these and maybe writing out what you are grateful for. Nevertheless, thank you for reading.

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