11 Reasons Twitter rocks…and why songwriters should use it

Posted by on Aug 30, 2011

Here’s a more informative “11 Things” list for you. It’s geared at songwriters (since I am one) but a lot of these point work for everyone.

Twitter, I love you, let me count the ways:

  1. 140 character limit – you’re actually practicing your ability to “choose the words that count”. How many times have you heard someone tell you that your songs are too wordy?
  2. It’s simple, clean and direct – there’s no games, no flashy ads, no groups to join or pages to like. You only have one box to type into and your message is sent to the world.
  3. Privacy settings are simple – you either share your tweets with the world or with your followers. And DMs give you the one-on-one privacy. (Side note: Apparently Protected Tweets are not cool)
  4. It’s cheaper than therapy – nobody likes a whino, but an occasional vent is okay and it’s nice to get an objective perspective from a bunch of (possibly) strangers.
  5. It goes beyond fan pages and websites – I feel like my followers on Twitter actually care about what I have to say and it feels like they’re “true fans”. I also have some great friendships that began on Twitter.
  6. Inspiration and motivation – I read and post inspirational quotes, articles, etc. Everyone has bad days and ruts, these little posts bring a little perspective and inspiration to my day. (Tip: Read tweets to get song ideas, people say the darnedest things sometimes)
  7. It’s personal – there’s something about twitter that feels like you’re actually having a conversation…because you are! It’s not just comments on a post, it’s one-on-on interaction.
  8. A quick way to discover and learn new things – retweets do wonders, so do hashtags. I will click on links of people I follow and re-post them if they’re interesting. I learn new things, find new music and much more! Sharing IS caring!
  9. It’s a search tool – Need a tip? Not sure how to use something? Reach out to your followers and you’ll be surprised how much info you’ll get…and sometimes quicker than you can sift through Google results (side note: I love Google)
  10. Keep up with the world (yes, music news too) – News, in little snippets. Twitter is a quick way to stay on top of what’s going on. Disclaimer: If something seems too wild, you might want to follow it up with a Google search…fake news travels faster than real news 😉
  11. It’s free and it works – Word of Mouth is still one of the most powerful advertising tools and Twitter is just that. It drives people back to check out your website, your music and you! And with a simple retweet, it’s quick and painless for others to share your info with their followers

Honorary reason: Twitter Chat! Pick a time and a unique #hashtag to connect with fans or like minded individuals. Here’s a useful tool for chats. I was part of a music marketing one and found it really informative.

Some of my fave people to follow:

Check out my lists (constantly updated) – there’s specific ones for other songwriters 😉

@makedataylor – singer/songwriter, and a music marketing gal. Definitely someone to follow for your does of music news. Hugely supportive of fellow songwriters.

@sarakamin – singer/songwriter who’s a master of using Twitter for her music…plus she’s super sweet and funny! She convinced me how important it is to really connect on Twitter.

@jinxyyz – marketing director at Universal music and the woman that finally got me to understand Twitter.

@thornybleeder – Not only do you get a daily supercharged dose of music DYI advice, this man KNOWS his twitter and how to use it. Passionate, smart, inspiring and interactive. There’s a lot of musicians out there who can learn from this man…yes, even you, reading this.

@michaelsb – I only recently started following Michael and I’m already learning more things I didn’t know about music marketing and the like.

@techcrunch – one stop for all your geeky tech news

@TTCnotices – for Toronto folk (I’m sure there’s a local one in your city)…it’s a VERY useful feed of “a train broke down/streetcar is detouring/etc”

@CBCarts  and @CBCnews (and their various counterparts) – news from the CBC that we know and love

@OMGfacts – feeds my like of random and sometimes useless facts about stuff

@Zen_Moments – short bursts of perspective through quotes

@laurenonizzle – for your daily dose of the ridiculous. Admit it, you sometimes look up silly things online and they make you laugh. Everyone needs to laugh. Lauren laughs a lot 🙂

@SongwritersofCa – the official twitter account of Songwriters Association of Canada. It’s managed by songwriters, just like the organization. So you’re getting info from people who “get it”

And of course, there’s…me

@aniazmusic – a bit about my music, with a mix of quotes, techy things, yoga, some inspirational articles and more. I’m kinda all over the place. Don’t be shy, tweet me! 😉

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