11 Things…

Posted by on May 11, 2011

I did one of these lists back in January and some people really liked it. I think it’s time for another, so here is a list of 11 things you may or may not know about me.

  1. I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Fine Arts Cultural Studies; it’s a double major; and a post graduate diploma in Arts Administration/Cultural Management
  2. I had my full motorcycle license before I knew how to drive a car. I owned an EX500 for about 5 years; it was a grad present to myself.
  3. I love Scrabble and it’s various digital game knock offs.
  4. I never went to Grade 3. When I moved to Canada (from Poland) my math skills were above Grade 3 and I didn’t speak any English…so I got placed in Grade 4 to be with kids who were the same age as me. Little did I know, Grade 4 is also the year that French class started for non immersion kids…you try learning 2 languages at once.
  5. Ireland holds a special place in my heart. I’ve wanted to visit since I was about 14 and finally went, practically on a whim, for two weeks surrounding my 28th birthday (yes, I’m older than 28). I will definitely be going back again.
  6. I love hugs and I love laughter. Both have super powers.
  7. In high school I played the flute, sang in 3 choirs, acted in musicals, did make up for the school play, played on the Tennis team…I don’t do any of these things anymore. I really miss musicals.
  8. I’m trained in classical piano, but stopped playing almost 12 years ago. I regret it.
  9. I have a day job that doesn’t involve me serving food, alcohol or coffee. Although 8-years at Second Cup did pay my way through school.
  10. I took a few Tae Kwan Do classes in my late teens and broke a piece of wood (basically a 2 x 4) with my foot. Just like a Ninja 😉
  11. I recently got back into practicing Yoga. I greatly value it as part of my life. It gives me a positive outlook, calms everyday stresses, reinforces the importance of patience, gives me strength and provides a mental/physical challenge. I am hoping to continue on this path and am considering teaching Yoga.

Are you interested in a specific list?

Let me know and maybe I’ll post it it in the future!