Reading your audience

Posted by on Apr 3, 2011

I played a show in London (Ontario…just to be clear) at the cozy London Music Club (not the London Music Hall or the London Press Club which is where cabbies took my opening act…eek). This was my second time back in the city and I was really looking forward to playing. It was mostly a college crowd, friends of my supporting acts. This was also the second time I’ve played to a university aged crowd; most of my dedicated fans hover around the mid 30’s to early 50’s; so it’s a totally different experience. It helps that I look about 23 😉

With this crowd, I quickly learned that sticking to my set list wasn’t going to happen that night. That’s an important part of being an artist – you have to read the room. I tossed out the sentimental homage to a traveling musician because I knew the slow melody would lose the crowd and I definitely excluded the song about a girl getting out of an abusive relationship, also a slower one. I kept the songs about sex, being strong and awesome and of course, added the song that drops the F bomb. I threw in a sing along rocker after a mid tempo song, just to keep them on their feet and inserted a bit of silly banter. It worked. I didn’t lose the room and thankfully they remained sober enough not to heckle the hell out of me. It was a good time and I’m also confident I gained a few fans. Thank you London, I will definitely be back!


                                             I did actually write a set list…



Photo credits: Matt Tesluk