SongWorks: Part 3

Posted by on Mar 18, 2011

The third, and final, day of SongWorks has concluded. I think I’m too tired to feel emotional about it but it may hit me tomorrow. Yet another absolutely amazing day! Today I wrote with Kat Lucas (a kick ass gal I met years ago at Songstudio) and the talented (seriously) Brett Rosenberg. What happened with such a combination?  A bubble gum pop song that’s got Disney written all over it. Kat and I really got into the mind of a 16 year old girl making her own decisions and being strong and awesome! You’d think a cheesy song that’s super conversational would be easy to write but it was the opposite. We were very careful how we said things and which words we used. We didn’t want to sound too trite and child like or cliche but wanted to make sure it’s be something a happy-go-lucky teen would say. No, it’s not a re-write of the viral “hit” called Friday, regardless of the fact that it references a party and getting ready for it. I think we have something good…and I swear we didn’t kidnap Miley Cyrus at any point….regardless of what our demo might sound like 😉

To wrap things up, this whole experience was nothing short of magic. I almost feel like I’ve been living a dream and am so very very grateful to have been a part of it. I can only hope that I’ll get an opportunity like this again.


                Brett, Kat and I taking a much deserved break from writing to pose 😉

Today’s lunch: yummy Pizza

Wrap time: 10ish