11 things about "I Was The Girl"

Posted by on Jan 31, 2011

Since we’re now in 2011, I thought I’d give you a lists of 11 things. This is the first one – little tidbits about my album that you may or may not know!

  1. The song I Was The GirlĀ  was written on piano
  2. Ditched Romance and Who Will Love Me? were both re-written during Songstudio, an intensive summer songwriting workshop. Ember Swift gave her advice on Ditched Romance and Emm Gryner helped give Who Will Love Me? a minor change – “A Minor” to be exact (pardon the music pun there).
  3. Kevin Fox played cello on Fade Away. There are at least 12 cello parts.
  4. The first verse of Lakeside Reels was inspired by a story a friend told me. It happened to him with his highschool sweetheart.
  5. I started writing Giving Love a Try before my sister’s wedding and finished it shortly after. It was partially inspired by a line from Dave BorinsLate Night Hero
  6. My sister sings background vocals on a few tracks
  7. Lakeside Reels is full of creative “instruments” such as a recycling bin, book flips and a guitar played like a bass
  8. Fade Away has almost 60 instrumental tracks including a ton of percussion
  9. The album is dedicated to the memory of Taylor Mitchell who passed away in the fall of 2009. She sings back up vocals on Lakeside Reels
  10. I Was The Girl was the most thought out song I have ever written. The chord structure, the lyrics, the changing tempos…everything was done on purpose. I had written it after taking a songwriting workshop; applying elements I learned.
  11. My sister, Maggie Ziemirska, designed the album art. She’s pretty amazing!

If you’d like to hear the album visit aniazmusic.com. You can purchase the physical copy at maplemusic.com or CDbaby.com and download it on iTunes.