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Album Review on Radio Nation

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Thanks so much to Radio Nation and Jenna for this lovely review.

Ania Ziemirska’s “I Was The Girl”
February 29 2012
By Jenna Cocozziello

Finding an album that speaks to you is rare, unique, and amazing. The Ania Ziemirska EP “I Was the Girl” did exactly this for me. Relationships can sometimes be hard and get the heart and mind stimulated to write, and it seems that this is exactly what Ziemirska had with her music. She has a distinctive rock/indie voice that helped express her words and a unique sound with a classic melody and chord progression for each song.

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Artist of the Quarter

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Current results

Yes, it’s another contest, one run by the lovely folks at Radio Nation, a Centennial College radio show. Currently I’m in 3rd place, trailing by 49 votes! At this point, taking first, in less than a month seems a little ambitious, but I am sure I can make it to second place and leave that other band…ummm…in a coma. Ok, bad joke.

You can vote everyday with one vote per IP address. This means you can vote once from home, once from work and once from a phone (that’s no on wifi)…or go to different friend’s houses and vote many times :p

Either way, I think Artist of the Quarter is a cool sounding name. Will you help me achieve this title?


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