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Hey, I do like this!

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As a lover of music, I find I’ll follow certain bands and and sometimes build my *likes* based on them. As I got more into Toronto’s indie scene I found Justin Rutledge that later led me to the likes of Luke Doucet, Jadea Kelly, Joshua Cockerill and the Skydiggers…among many many others. I find the music scene is a very tight knit one where certain acts will often share stages, side musicians and producers. But how do I find music outside that circle to discover completely new things? Well, there’s a few ways.

  1. CBC Radio 3 – when I like what I hear, I’ll explore it further. Like right now – I LOVE this Jenn Grant song!
  2. Music festivals – referring mostly to NXNE and CMW and the like. I’ll go to a venue for one band but will often stay for another, or check bands out online while trying to decide what to see. It has happened that I have purchased songs on iTunes right after I heard them played on stage. Oh technology!
  3. Friends – this has been true and remains true, I’ll check out music based on suggestions from my peers.
  4. Film and TV – oh yeah, you bet it works. The song from that movie, commercial or TV show that may have evoked some emotion while watching a scene might be one I’ll be downloading on iTunes.
  5. Twitter – I’ll admit that I don’t click on #musicmonday (or #mm for short) suggestions as often as I should but occasionally I will, and it’s a great way to discover new music.
  6. The radio – alas, I do admit that Katy Perry is my guilty pleasure and I will occasionally listen to commercial radio and countdowns. 
  7. Discovering a voice that leads to a songwriter/artist – sometimes an artist will sing on a demo or be featured on a song. If you like the voice, do check out to see if they have their own work.

I’m sure there’s other ways to discover music…like YouTube and myspace (yeah I’ve “clicked on a random act that comes up when I listen to a song”) and many more that I’m probably missing, but these have been pretty good to me.

Two acts I stumbled upon:

This is what happens when I leave my comfort zone:

I recently got hooked on iSH with his catchy melodies and witty lyrics. I discovered him because he rapped on a track I fell in love with, co-written with Brett Rosenberg and Luke McMaster. I don’t tend to gravitate towards hip hop/rap songs but iSH is different. With the likes of Classified and a few others; it’s smart rap that isn’t full of slang that goes over my head and improper grammar that makes me cringe (no offense to those who like that, it’s personal taste)

I’m going to be honest. I haven’t listened to much “electronic” music since pulling all nighters in University (the beat kept me going with no lyrics to distract me – I owned those Psyc papers on Freud when I was blaring House music). Yet not only did I purchase the newest Deadmau5 album, I got the Deluxe edition! It’s perfect when I’m out for a walk or if I’m wanting to read a book. Downside (kinda) – it makes me want to dance and that’s not always so appropriate 😉

So there you go – music discovery can happen when you least expect it! So be open to it.

How do you discover music?

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