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SongWorks: Part 3

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The third, and final, day of SongWorks has concluded. I think I’m too tired to feel emotional about it but it may hit me tomorrow. Yet another absolutely amazing day! Today I wrote with Kat Lucas (a kick ass gal I met years ago at Songstudio) and the talented (seriously) Brett Rosenberg. What happened with such a combination?  A bubble gum pop song that’s got Disney written all over it. Kat and I really got into the mind of a 16 year old girl making her own decisions and being strong and awesome! You’d think a cheesy song that’s super conversational would be easy to write but it was the opposite. We were very careful how we said things and which words we used. We didn’t want to sound too trite and child like or cliche but wanted to make sure it’s be something a happy-go-lucky teen would say. No, it’s not a re-write of the viral “hit” called Friday, regardless of the fact that it references a party and getting ready for it. I think we have something good…and I swear we didn’t kidnap Miley Cyrus at any point….regardless of what our demo might sound like 😉

To wrap things up, this whole experience was nothing short of magic. I almost feel like I’ve been living a dream and am so very very grateful to have been a part of it. I can only hope that I’ll get an opportunity like this again.


                Brett, Kat and I taking a much deserved break from writing to pose 😉

Today’s lunch: yummy Pizza

Wrap time: 10ish

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SongWorks: Part 2

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Day 2 of co-writing camp was a whole new experience. The day started much like yesterday, with coffee…but I toasted my bagel this time. Everything else was different – new room, new writing partners, brand new song. I was writing with the amazingly talented powerhouse team of Matt Tishler and Ava Kay. I’ll admit, it was a little intimidating working with these two since they have a history of writing together, they have a connection, they get how each works. I felt I had to fight a little and at times almost felt like I was in a different room, though sitting next to each other. It very much taught me how to think quickly and not take things personally because it is all for the sake of writing a better song. In the end, I feel I did contribute to making a truly epic mid-tempo power ballad that could really go places. I am so excited to hear this one when it’s fully produced. I feel truly blessed to have had the chance to write with these two and if asked, “I’d do it all again” 😉


                                                           Working hard!

Today’s delicious lunch: Indian – butter chicken

End time: approx 11 or 11:30pm

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SongWorks – adventures in co-writing: Part 1

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I feel humbled and blessed today. I am part of a 3 day songwriting camp called SongWorks presented by the Songwriters Association of Canada. It’s ran by Vince Degiorgio  and takes place at the newly built Noble Street Studios. There’s 9 writers, being placed into 3 configurations over 3 days. Each day *should* produce at least 3 songs. The days start at 9:30am with coffee (thank god) and  a quick breakfast before we’re tossed into a room with 3 almost strangers to write a hit song…no pressure 😉 There’s a break for lunch and then back at it…until 7ish…or 9:30ish as it was in our case today.

Today I was writing with Yonathan Ayal and Adam Royce – with wicked engineering skillz, yes with a Z, and some serious Beat dropping action! Ideas were rolling from the getgo. This was probably the 3rd co-writing session in my life, and the first that requires a recorded produced track at the end of it. It was definitely a challenge, but a welcome one. I, being the ‘singer-songwriter’ of the bunch was faced with the daunting task of coming up with most of the lyrics and some melody. It took a lot of brainstorming, some story telling, and creating a character that Yoni fell in love with, before we had anything useful. In the end, we ended up with what sounds like a solid start to a hot pop/dance single.

I can’t believe I just lived this! It’s so amazing to be thrown into deep water, having to learn to swim very very quickly, and finding a way to stay afloat. I feel like I truly accomplished something today and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


                                            The boys laying down some beats!

Today’s Lunch: Thai – Pad Thai

Approximate wrap time: 9:30pm

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