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Think Pink

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pink ribbon“It is estimated that 23,200 women (that’s 445/week) and 180 men will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Canada in 2010.  5,300 women and 50 men will die from it”

UPDATE: Only a few CDs were sold, but I have made a donation of $25.00 to the cause as I felt it is the least I can do. To those who have joined me, you have my gratitude.

While I was busy being a student and feeling like my every (insignificant) problem meant the end of the world, my aunt was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After a hard battle and what we thought was Survivor status, we found the cancer had spread. In early 2003, she lost her battle. For several years now, I have been involved in raising funds for and awareness about Breast Cancer. In my journey I have met many who have also lost loved ones as well as those who survived the disease. It has been a truly inspiring journey. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year I thought I’d involve you. 

I’ve done fundraising walks and have played various charity showcase in the past. This month, I’ve decided to donate part of my CD sale profit to the cause. For every physical CD sold, either online at Maple Music or CD Baby or at a live show, I will donate $1 to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. I chose this charity because I know they don’t only do a great amount of research but have been very active in providing resources for Cancer survivors. Plus, even though, this month is about Breast Cancer Awareness, I’d like the donation to benefit all cancer research.

I hope you will join me in the fight.

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