Ania’s Fantastic French Toast

Posted by on Dec 10, 2011

You might remember, when back in October I made banana muffins by tweaking a recipe. I do this often, experimental cooking is fun!

So here is a simple and delicious breakfast, a little twist on your traditional French Toast.

What you’ll need

1 egg

1 tbsp yogurt (I used strawberry)

1 tsp vanilla extract

cinnamon (optional)

nutmeg (optional)

1-2 tbsp vegetable oil or butter

2 slices of bread (I’d go for something soft and fluffy vs a pumpernickel rye)

Preheat oil or melt butter on a skillet. Mix the egg, yogurt, vanilla and spices in a shallow bowl. Dip bread in bowl, making sure it’s fully covered. Do not leave to soak for too long. Place bread in hot skillet. Fry for about a minute (you can check if it’s starting to turn golden brown) and turn over to fry on the other side. Repeat with 2nd slice of bread. 

Serve on a plate with fresh fruit and maple syrup.

This recipe makes one serving. My cat doesn’t eat French Toast 😉

Fun twist —-> cut up baguette or a bun to make mini 2 bite French Toast!